Liam storms out of the house to confront Flo. The paramedics soon arrive and take Ivy to the hospital. Steffy and Wyatt come back in and Quinn informs Steffy that her phone ringed. Steffy and Liam made love and Steffy later found out she was pregnant. Quinn blurts out that Ivy's in love with Liam and Wyatt gets frustrated with his mother. Steffy made an instant enemy in fledgling designer Sally Spectra, the namesake grandniece of infamous knockoff queen Sally Spectra. Ultimately, Bill chose to side with Rick under one condition, Maya, the face of Forrester Creations, has to go. Steffy is shocked when she learns that Liam is getting married to Hope, and that their marriage has been officially annulled. Steffy decides to fix things with Wyatt and move back in. The next day Liam is playing with Phoebe and Steffy adores it. Steffy Forrester can bring home the tofu bacon. Steffy and Ridge were initially concerned but Wyatt backed her up and Thomas spoke up and agreed that Ivy would be better because people are still talking about the incident with Aly. When Hope walks in, Steffy gives Hope her blessings to be with Liam, and just wanted to have a co-parent relationship with him. Steffy and Liam agreed they would make a great team. Also for manipulating Hope and Douglas's grief. Liam told Bill he wants to take over Forrester Creations. ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: An accident waiting to happen, Brand Gibbs & Julia Trubkina, NFL News: “Anywhere But New England” – Matthew Stafford Nixed Patriots As A Trade Destination, ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Corey Rathgeber Slams Trolls. Quinn questions his love life and mentions Hope and Maya's little sister went south. Steffy took him to a bungalow on Brooke's property where she had spent time with Ridge as a child to talk. Steffy appeared at Liam's remembering all the great memories they've shared. Steffy tried and failed to broker peace between Liam and Bill, lending Bill her support and spending more time with him when his new wife Brooke walked out on him. However Steffy is unaware that Thomas spiked Liam's drink so that he can willing have sex with her. Liam invited Steffy over the night the the six month divorce wait was up, but Hope Hope called wearing a wedding dress, and Steffy ultimately told Liam to marry Hope. Eric and Quinn successfully get married with Perez Hilton as their officiate. After the … They left the mansion to run outside where Steffy held a message session. December 1, 2020 Kelly Joyner 7267 Views Steffy Forrester Bold and the Beautiful spoilers confirm that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) will be pregnant and unsure of paternity again, based on the latest intel. Steffy tells Wyatt he is a good friend and she just needs somebody to hold and cuddle. Rick had been dating Phoebe but slept with her mother Taylor. Die Kanadese aktrise het op sosiale media verklap dat hul gesin uitbrei. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for next week reveal that Christmas is finally in … Liam informs Steffy on who knew about this including Thomas. December 1, 2020 Kelly Joyner 7267 Views Steffy Forrester Bold and the Beautiful spoilers confirm that Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) will be pregnant and unsure of paternity again, based on the latest intel. ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Are Brandon Gibbs’s Parents, Ron and Betty Gibbs Sex-Starved Swingers? Liam hugged Ivy. After talking, Steffy and Liam made love which Donna Logan saw and reported back to Bill and Brooke. Steffy stated there are no conditions this time. Steffy outsmarted Rick and instead wrote "loser" in place of a signature, halting Liam and Hope's wedding. However, Steffy overhears Thomas and Ivy talking about what happened that night. Steffy explains how her tires popped and she had to fix them with a tire iron and a car drives towards her and stops inches away. Steffy then stated she never replaced that motorcycle. That’s not in me. Steffy and Wyatt have fun on the beach by the umbrellas and chairs taking selfies. Quinn states that she thinks that would be inappropriate since the wedding day is about them. Liam is forced to fly to Australia and get a flight back to Los Angeles. Aly wouldn't drop it and Steffy mentioned Aly's "issues". Steffy doesn't know what she did and Liam tells her to pack her things and move out. B&B spoilers reveal that Liam had no problem sleeping with Steffy when he was convinced that he was being betrayed by Hope. Ridge insisted this is bigger than her getting Liam back and him getting CEO. Steffy confronts Thomas on keeping Beth a secret for months and had her raise a child that belonged to Hope. Thorne is devastated and leaves to find Aly. She was furious when she discovered that Bill had sprung Deacon Sharpe from jail in an attempt to push Liam back toward Steffy. Wyatt climbs on her bed and tells her he thinks they're meant to be together. Attempts To End Bridge/Tridge Love Triangle, Exposing the "Broliver" Scandal and Rivalry with Hope, Return to L.A. and Controlling Forrester Creations, Truth Revealed and the birth of her daughter Kelly, Calling off Engagement with Liam and Almost marrying Bill, Adopting Phoebe Forrester ll and leaving for Paris. The next day Liam tells Steffy that he still love Hope even when they had sex, and has to tell Hope. Quinn leaves their beach house and watches Wyatt and Steffy hug through the window, which Steffy sees. Wyatt tells her he's staying on the couch. While Steffy is daydreaming about her, Liam, and their child, Liam hears Steffy's phone go off in her purse. She explains to Wyatt that she lost her baby on her motorcycle and she hasn't been near one since. Aly was being very hostile towards Steffy and Maya for embracing their sexuality the way Maya and Rick treated her and upset that Ridge allowed a new line involving lingerie and swimsuits. Quinn may not be Mrs. Forrester after all. Liam remembers Steffy and recognizes Wyatt as his brother. Ivy deletes the video. Steffy refuses to be like her mother Taylor, who waited on Ridge to be faithful. At a Halloween party, Thomas pushes Ivy out of the way of a crashing spotlight from the ceiling. Katie comforts Steffy. Wyatt busts through the door and realizes Liam has amnesia. Steffy was thrilled when Ridge ended up going back to Taylor on his own. Steffy decides to give Quinn an ultimatum, either she breaks up with Eric or Steffy promises to leave Wyatt. Wyatt takes selfies of Steffy and her glass of champagne. Almost drowned after slipping in bathtub and hitting her head (2011). Because the gorgeous B&B actress shared her plans to get busy making a sibling for her adorable little boy Rise Ruspoli in 2020. Also, Steffy and Liam will try to agree on a course of action. Steffy ask Liam why he called Phoebe Beth, and angrily tells him to stops calling her daughter Beth. She looks around and laughs to see Wyatt controlling the helicopter. With Ivy's help, Steffy zip-lined into her wedding Down Under and exchanged vows with Liam. Steffy believes that Douglas is just confused, and will talk to Thomas later. December 12, 2020 Kelly Joyner 1193 Views Hope Logan, Steffy Forrester Bold and the Beautiful two-week spoilers, December 14-25, suggest Steffy Forrester ‘s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) creeped out around Hope Logan (Annika Noelle). Also Steffy and Liam one night have sex. Aly asked if Steffy was going to model for the lingerie and Aly snapped at ridge for letting his daughter being viewed in underwear. Steffy continued to communicate with Liam, ultimately changing her mind and agreeing to his request for an annulment so he could wed Hope. The actress also admits that leaving her storyline behind to go home to her family at the end of the day hasn’t always been easy. Liam and Steffy were happy together until Hope saw them at a party for Stephanie, and got jealous. She gets on her motorcycles and drives over to Liam's house. Aly ended the meeting with irrelevantly bashing Steffy for killing Darla. Wyatt convinces Steffy he knows exactly what she needs to feel better. Steffy gets a call from Ridge that the wedding has not started. Steffy asked Finn for a prescription refill, but Finn suspected that she'd become reliant upon the pain pills. Rick tried to used his past with Steffy and manipulate her into signing the annulment papers. She has an older brother named Thomas and she has a younger half-brother named R.J from Ridge Forrester and a younger Legal Maternal half-brother named Jack Marone from Taylor Hayes. Liam then proposes to Steffy which she accepts. Ridge, who didn't like Rick from the beginning, was enraged and blamed Rick for Phoebe's death. When Donna Logan took over at Forrester, Steffy dug up dirt and found out that Donna was Marcus' birth mother. This makes Steffy feel angered and upset. The family goes to see Eric in the hospital bed, who slips into a coma. Steffy is surprised and furious to find out it's Quinn. In the hall, Carter chats with Pam about the stress of waiting. Steffy and Hope agree to put their children first, and to show that they can be a blended family. Quinn continues to persuade Steffy to go back to Los Angeles and reunite with Liam so Hope can be with Wyatt, but Steffy shows no interest of going back and Quinn is told of how Steffy tragically miscarried Liam's child after a motorcycle accident. When Steffy flew home to tell Liam about their baby, she decided to keep mum after Liam asked for more time to decide between she and Hope and asked Steffy to move out. When Liam and Hope lost their baby Beth Spencer, Steffy is there to support Liam and Hope, and attends the funeral. Steffy and Wyatt have a laser removal doctor come to Forrester to remove Steffy's tattoo, which is only half complete. Steffy tells Liam all he has to do is come home tonight if he still wants to be with her. Liam quits his job at Forrester and packs up his things. Ivy stated he doesn't love her the same way he loves Steffy. Wyatt is shocked and appalled that his mother would do this. Steffy is slowed down by fans but continues to sprint after Quinn. Ivy explained to Liam that he didn't have to marry her, she always had dual citizenship, and they made a huge mistake. Steffy later tells Brooke , and her father who is angry about Bill taking advantage of her. Steffy asked if he missed her and he stated how could he. Liam states he wants the best for them. Liam turned her down because of Ivy. Got addicted to pain medication (August to Dec 2020). Aly stated "Uncle Ridge said I could stay." — SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) December 30, 2020. Fans wrote on the post, “Please be Finn’s baby … im over Liam ”, “I really hope stephanie isn’t pregnant with … Aly stated she'd expect this from Steffy but not Ridge. The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Liam Spencer’s Guilt. Liam called Steffy and explained he wanted to meet with her and Steffy stated at his house. Liam stated Aly's out of line but Aly kept trying to convince Liam that he can't do this to Ivy and he married her because he loves her. Steffy sees Eric kiss a woman but cannot see her face. Thomas confronts Ivy and tells her to stay away from Steffy and that it's not her fault. Liam asked Steffy if her and Ridge are still talking and she didn't reply but stated she talked to Hope. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say that Steffy will start to feel even more guilty as Finn professes his love for her. Steffy declares she doesn't want Quinn to be a part of their lives. Liam found his relationship with Hope less than fulfilling considering her obsession with being a "role-model" for abstinence and remaining celibate until marriage, something Liam did not agree with. Steffy decides to take Bill's offer in exchange Bill gives up all his shares for Forester and to have a great future for Kelly, and accepts his proposal. Deacon returns to the cabin and frees Quinn from the closet and they leave together. Returning to LA, Eric and Quinn couldn't help but resume their relationship with each other. Steffy chases after her while Wyatt says to a crowd of fans "Is that Steffy Forrester?" Liam admit he has been feeling those feelings about Steffy again. Quinn insists to Wyatt that her love with Eric is real and that it makes her happier than she's ever been. Steffy tells Liam she doesn't want Ivy contacting him at all. Later, during a heated argument with Hope- Hope shoved Steffy into a desk causing her to hit her belly on it. However, when Steffy found out about the marriage, she was furious because she felt that Liam had created a situation where they could never be together. Once settled in at Forrester International, Quinn overhears Steffy on the phone with Dr. Caspary in which she informs Steffy that after several medical procedures is finally able to conceive a child to full term. Steffy is sad about Liam moving out of their house, but tries to win Liam back. Happy about this news, Steffy convinces Liam to be with her and have a family with their daughter. Liam told Steffy together they can take over Forrester Creations. Bill was thrilled Liam wanted to use Steffy and Liam stated she's in L.A. because he followed her online post. Wyatt and Steffy inform Bill how much attention social media attracts. She will demand that the former married couple come clean about whatever they are hiding. Steffy states that explains the shower cap. Liam is happy and tells Steffy that he cannot wait to meet their child. Steffy was thrilled when Taylor announced that Eric had agreed to have the wedding in the Forrester courtyard. Steffy switches tactics with Liam to keep him from divulging their secret to Hope. But Wyatt picks up an orange envelope with the divorce papers in them and gives them to her to sign. Liam and Hope meet Phoebe for the first time and have an instant connection with her. S34 E70. Ivy explained she understands that they have history and she can't compete with memories. Steffy is relived, and tells Bill the news. Goaded into a public food fight with Sally, Steffy was furious to learn that Sally, who was planning her first showing, had staged the altercation and uploaded a viral video of it to piggyback on Steffy's social media presence. Steffy felt conflicted when Liam discovered that Sally had only stolen from Forrester because Bill sabotaged her with a bad review of her original work, wanting to demolish Spectra and put up a skyscraper; Steffy ultimately told Thomas but had mixed feelings when Ridge fired Thomas for investing $100,000 in Spectra Fashions to stop Bill. Ridge fired Steffy when the video went public, but Steffy got Liam to help clear her name. Steffy once again shows no interest of going back to Los Angeles, but can't hide her feelings she still has for Liam. Steffy is surprised when Liam decides not to press charges against Quinn, because Wyatt asked him to. Aly stated she was persuaded to say the words but she could never forgive Taylor for killing her mother. Quinn texts Wyatt from Liam's phone convincing him to take over his position at Spencer Publications. Liam also gave Hope an ultimatum and she chose to be with Liam and Liam made her cut ties with Wyatt and Quinn from Forrester. Tanner Novlan (Dr. John Finnegan) : 15 6. She then paid a visit to Thomas, who had moved into Taylor's old beach house with Oliver. Quinn was shocked but then stated "She's so hot!" Liam was shocked and angered. Quinn picks Liam up and puts him in her car and drives him to her cabin in the woods. Steffy was intrigued by Ivy's suggestion that she and Liam marry in Australia in a double wedding with Ridge and Brooke, but butted heads with Rick and Thomas after she was asked to split her CEO duties with Ridge instead of one of them. One day Hope saw the video and declared she hated Steffy before insisting on a fresh wedding to Liam. Ivy gets ready to pack up for Australia. Forrester Creations was at war with Rick as CEO after Caroline and Ridge's affair. Steffy explains that Ivy is using Aly's death to advance herself and Aly wouldn't have wanted her to act like this. Everybody else agreed it was a good idea and tried to placate Aly. Steffy arrived informed that Maya is transgender and Eric won't remove Rick as CEO. Steffy flirted, saying she hoped he was ok with a little pressure and kissed him. Steffy stated Eric is favoring his brother now. The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers and updates for Wednesday, December 23, 2020, reveals in Los Angeles at Forrester Creations where Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) presents Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) with the new publicity photos from the shoot. Steffy attends Hope and Liam's wedding along with her mother, to show the family unity and understanding. Steffy stated the fact that she's still in love with Liam. Steffy came home but saw them kissing through the window and left. Here’s what she has to say. Still disapproving of Thomas' relationship with Sally, Steffy brought Thomas' ex-love and mother of his child, Caroline Spencer back from New York to lure him away from Sally. Charlie shows Wyatt footage of Liam fainting in Forrester's parking lot and Quinn picking him up and putting him in her car. Ivy claims the Ivy he knew is tired of getting stepped on and she's gone. Liam and Steffy continued to talk and laugh. Eric tells Quinn he's glad she came and she made him very happy. Hope Spencer (Annika Noelle) will feel betrayed, exactly as Steffy […] Aly went off about the morals that her grandmother and grandfather instilled in this company and how they're being forgotten. Steffy enters the room thankful she's okay but Ivy warns her to stay away. Steffy stopped over at Liam's and explained that there might be another man in her life. Aly stated "No wonder. Liam states that they are blackmailing Steffy which is illegal. Ridge calls a meeting and chose Steffy to be the new Face of Forrester. Ivy keeps insisting on Liam that she's in love with him. They also continued to grow closer. Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) : 20 4. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester dans Amour, Gloire et Beauté – Top Models) est enceinte de son deuxième enfant Publié par Philémon, le 15 octobre 2020 … Liam tells Steffy in private that he will try his best to respect her marriage but he will always have feelings for her. Ridge tells Steffy that Liam told him the plan about Forrester. Liam runs up to Steffy and they hug and kiss. ‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Who Will Be The Father Of Steffy Forrester’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) Baby? (2016), Slept with Bill while she was married to Liam (Nov 2017), Slept with Liam while she’s in a relationship with Finn and he’s married to Hope (Dec 2020). Characters Steffy Brooke Quinn Hope Zoe Katie Flo Shuana Liam Donna Pam Paris Sally Taylor Maya Tiffany Emma Ivy Nicole Caroline Coco Rick Darlita Sheila Sasha Xander Aly MORE Steffy explained she can't do this without their relationship and Liam stated any man would want to be with her. Ridge and Brooke arrives at the house to comfort their daughters after learning about Reese and Flo's deceit. Steffy believes Ivy is committed to Wyatt. Steffy is upset about Liam and goes to her room in her undergarments. Liam is thankful to Wyatt but still believes that he and Steffy are engaged. Wyatt explains to Steffy that the restraining order's only temporary. Bill commended Liam for protecting Caroline and Ivy. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry. Steffy and Wyatt share some wine and Steffy vents to Wyatt about Liam and Wyatt understands and agrees. Katie was badgering Steffy to leave Hope and Liam alone which led Steffy to faint so Katie took her to the hospital to see Dr. Caspary. Hope tells Steffy that she thanks her for watching out for the baby, when she reveals to her that she is the mother that Dr. Buckingham took her baby and sold her. The limo drives away and Steffy runs up to meet the mystery woman as Quinn darts away. Steffy is shocked but Thomas claims to really like Ivy. Steffy Forrester (played by Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) on The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS was spotted wearing this blue lace inset robe on The Bold and the Beautiful on Dec 22 2020's episode. Steffy hold her and decides to adopt her and names her Phoebe Forrester after her deceased twin sister. Aly came by to confront Steffy about throwing herself at Liam. Liam goes into the bathroom and turns on the sink which splashes water everywhere and Liam slips and falls unconscious. Bill promised to leave Katie, but Katie had a heart attack when Taylor exposed the affair. Steffy returns home, and talks to Liam about their future and their family. After spending the night alone in her loft to think, Steffy announced she was moving to Paris and told Liam she wanted a divorce, cryptically insisting that Hope could give him something she couldn't. Ivy does indeed have dual citizenship, married to Liam or not. Aly went to confront Steffy who was having Liam feel her lingerie for the line.

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